Zafira rear 12v socket problems

Discussion in 'Zafira' started by RJO, Jan 4, 2005.

  1. RJO

    RJO Guest

    My Zafira (2003 model 1.6 active) didn't come with a 12v socket in the boot.
    I wanted to install one and VX told me that all it needed was a 12 socket on
    the plug in the loom behind the rear offside 1/4 panel. Did this and
    nothing, no power there at all.

    VX then said that I needed a VX relay in the car to power it and this would
    allow it to power up and stay powered for 15 minutes after the ignition was

    Purchased the relay ( a green one from VX) and plugged it into a block at
    the back of the fuse panel to the right of the steering wheel.

    Sure enough, 12v power now at the desired socket. Problem is I'm always
    getting a flat battery even with nothing plugged into the 12v socket. Seems
    the new green relay is powering up the other green relay on the main fuse
    panel and it stays on all the time. When you lock the doors the interior
    light dims like you would expect, then re-illuminates and goes out again!

    VX have had the car in the shop for three days without success!

    Have tinkered myself since they failed and simply pulled the rear socket
    relay. All seems okay now but no rear socket! Have concerns that VX have
    sold the wrong relay to me to power up the rear socket. Anyone any
    experience here?

    RJO, Jan 4, 2005
  2. RJO

    John Hearns Guest

    No experience I'm afraid.
    Can we ask where you got the 12V socket?
    Part numbers for both socket and correct relay appreciated when you
    figure it out.
    John Hearns, Jan 4, 2005
  3. RJO

    John Hearns Guest

    I found this on Dejanews, from this group.
    John Hearns, Jan 4, 2005
  4. RJO

    RJO Guest


    Thanks for the info. The 12v socket I used was sourced from Maplin
    electrical and the loom connector is as shown in the German link.
    Seems that the 'Green relay' VX sold me is correct but there is an ongoing
    problemwith my install. I have it booked in AGAIN for Thursday this week.
    Will report back.

    RJO, Jan 4, 2005
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