Zafira elegance 1.8 power steering become very stiff

Discussion in 'Zafira' started by Rootbeer, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Rootbeer


    Apr 8, 2017
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    Hi all,

    Recently about 4 weeks ago, the power steering went on the car, it was brief and returned to normal after 10 minutes. This happened intermittently until 2 weeks ago when it stopped altogether.

    The steering is very stiff to turn the wheels and im hoping its not the pump. i have only checked for leaks and fluid levels so far, no visual leaks and fluid levels are fine.

    what else can i check before taking it to a garage, i hear a lot of the steering issues can be down to battery or alternator, the battery was changed about 10 months ago so could it be the alternator or the pump/rack and pin?

    thanks for your time.
    Rootbeer, Apr 8, 2017
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