Zafira b 2007 2.2 direct petrol. low power, very sluggish

Discussion in 'Zafira' started by cankervanman, Aug 28, 2019.

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    Aug 28, 2019
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    Hi all, I have the above car and all of a sudden i have very low power sluggish engine. Start fine, idles fine, revs through the full range fine but ask anything of it load wise and it wouldnt pull a hen off its nest. You can also hear its not right when revving the engine whilst stood, it sort of takes a big suck or air like they all do when you snap open the throttle but then hesitates with a loud induction noise (a bit like a big wagon engine using exhaust braking) before reving to the limit.I have read many threads regarding the high pressure pumps, fuel rail regulator and pressure sensors on these Z22 engines. I have no engine warning lights on and no matter how i drive it, i cannot seem to make a fault light appear. I have a hand held scanner and have looked at some of the live data, especially fuel rail pressure. On startup from cold when engine is fast idling, pressure sits around 6000Kpa then falls to arond 5000Kpa after about 30 seconds. Idle speed is around 800rpm at that point. When the car is driven the fuel pressure goes up when throttle position is increased and under max load and wide open throttle peaks at around 9000Kpa. The only time the rail pressure drops lower than any of the above is when you snap the throttle shut while changing gear, at which point you get a momentary drop to around 3000Kpa before returning to around 5000Kpa or whatever the throttle position is demanding at the time. Even if you go to wide open throttlle when driving along, the rail pressure doesnt seem to drop at all, just increase.Could anyone shed some light on the above figures for me as i have read on forums that the rail pressure should not drop below 6000Kpa at idle. Failing that has anyone got any ideas of anything else that maybe causing this issue. The car was running strong and faultless before the sudden onset of the above.Also to clarify, it has had a continetal high pressure pump fitted about 2 years ago along with a new pressure regulator and pressure sensor, this was done by the previous owner. Thank you. Mark
    cankervanman, Aug 28, 2019
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