Wipers not working

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Craig Pickles, May 4, 2005.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have a K Reg astra 1.4i estate. The other day the wipers started to
    stick, they would work for a hile but then stick half way across the
    windscreen. If I moved them they would work for another couple of
    goes and stick again.

    After a while it got worse to the point where a white smoke came from
    what seemed to be the earth wire, could have been the motor though.
    Then it stopped working completely.

    I went to a scrapyard today and got a motor from another car
    (cosmetically in very good condition) and replaced it, started the
    wipers again and nothing happened. I tried to move the wiper manually
    and white smoke came out again (seemed like the earth wire, but could
    have been the motor). Replaced the earth wire but it still doesn't

    I dont really know what to do now, I could have got a bad motor, I
    dont know? Also, I have checked the fuse and thats fine. I only
    passed my test a couple of months ago and this is my first car since
    passing so dont know much about cars. I notice by the fusebox theres
    a black box with a windscreen wiper emblem on it, I am guessing that a
    relay or a switch? Could it be that?

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Craig Pickles, May 4, 2005
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  2. You should of replaced the Relay first you retard.
    straight talker, May 4, 2005
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  3. Craig Pickles

    Guest Guest

    It sounds to me as if the wiper mechanism had seized or jammed.
    Can you move the mechanism easily without the motor?
    By now I would say that you have damaged some of the wiring and will
    probably need to get it looked at by an auto-electrician.
    Guest, May 4, 2005
  4. Craig Pickles

    Mike Guest

    You should of replaced the Relay first you retard.

    It's "have", as in "you should have replaced the relay first". And there
    should be a comma after "relay", as in "relay, you retard". If you must post
    b*l*ks against every reasonable question on here, the least you could do is
    use it as an opportunity to practice your spelling and grammar.

    Are you sure you work in a London VX dealership? Only i suspect you actually
    work in my local Vauxhall dealer. Or my local Audi dealer. Or any one of a
    million overpriced chrome-and-glass dealerships where no-one can figure
    anything out unless the computerised diagnostic system tells them how. But
    if you really are a technician for Vauxhall, then I hope they hang their
    heads in shame.

    Mike, May 5, 2005
  5. Hi, thanks for you reply, I can move the mechanism with no problems.
    Is it possible that the relay could be broke now or is it really
    likely that the wiring could be broken?

    Is there any way I can test this? I do have a voltage tester (a
    screwdriver type on one side and bulldog clip on the other) but
    wouldnt know how to test for such things


    Craig Pickles, May 5, 2005
  6. Well thank you Mike for that worthless contribution.
    The op was asking for help on the wipers so your piece was of no help.

    As you know so much about main dealers I guess your another sucker that we
    fleece on a daily basis.
    What's up Mike are you feeling a little bitter because you got ripped off?
    Or maybe your to stupid to fix the cat yourself.

    Now let me address your next comment.
    I can diagnose without using the diagnostic system but the system is
    With the diagnostic system I can also look back at previous stored fault
    Ask any mechanic and they will tell you the diagnostic system is better.

    You home mechanics make me laugh you change the spark plugs and suddenly
    your an expert.
    straight talker, May 5, 2005
  7. Reading between the lines then, do you suspect that there is/was
    nothing wrong with the winder motor, and that the problem lies with
    the Relay which can simply be swapped out?

    If so, then I will source another one and do what you recommend?


    Craig Pickles, May 5, 2005
  8. Craig Pickles

    Badger Guest

    Suspect everything, the motors tend to get wet inside and the magnets
    come adrift causing things to stop, if your lucky you can take them
    apart and rebuild one, BTDT.....
    Badger, May 5, 2005
  9. Craig Pickles

    me140 Guest

    Where did you put the earth wire? Did you earth the motor to the car body?
    me140, May 5, 2005
  10. There was already an earth wire on the system so I put it on the same
    place, it goes from one of the nuts holding the motor on to the

    I have just replaced the relay and it still doesnt work. The relay
    does make a clicking noice when the wipers are on intermittent but the
    wiper motor doesnt do anything at all.

    Does that help?

    Craig Pickles, May 5, 2005
  11. Craig Pickles

    Guest Guest

    Hum?!? you might have blown the fuse. Worth a check.
    From your comments earlier, the reason I suggested an auto electrician
    is that you might have damaged the wiring to the motor, switch or relay.
    The un-practiced eye can easily miss damage that causes big problems
    later. Damaged wiring can (not always) lead to a short circuit and
    possible fire. You wont enjoy that experience!
    An inspection shouldn't be too expensive.
    Guest, May 5, 2005
  12. Hi, Thanks for the reply.

    I have checked the fuse (Its the same fuse for the back wipers and
    horn and they work fine).

    Could be that the wiper motor I got from the scrapyard was knackered
    too? I understand what your saying about wiring, but as the relay
    works fine does that suggest that the wiring (At least to the relay)
    is pretty much fine from the point of view of running thewiper motor?
    (obviously taking into account your concerns about the wiring)


    Craig Pickles, May 5, 2005
  13. Craig Pickles

    Guest Guest

    Craig Pickles wrote:

    Yes it's possible that the motor from the scrapy was also duff. See if
    you can get them to test it for you.
    You need to check that the 12V feed is getting to the motor. A 12V test
    lamp can be handy here. A multimeter is better.
    Check that the 12V supply is reaching the motor. Disconnect the plug to
    the motor (guessing that there is one, dont know for certain) i.e. the
    lamp lights when the motor should operate.
    Check that the earth for the motor is connected and not broken or burnt out.
    I think you might need to ask around your mates to see if one has some
    experience of wiring/electrics/electronics. A good sparky mate with a
    good multimeter could save you hours of grief and earn himself a pint or
    three :)
    Guest, May 5, 2005
  14. Craig Pickles

    me140 Guest

    Dave is right - just check for feeds to the motor.
    Will be the earth - one that is live when the ignition is on all the time
    regardless of switch position and then the ones that are live when switch is
    in position 1 and 2.
    me140, May 6, 2005
  15. Craig Pickles

    Mike Guest

    Well thank you Mike for that worthless contribution.
    And of course, you were so helpful yourself. As I recall, all you did was
    throw playground insults at the OP.
    Not any more. My local Vauxhall dealer knows far less about my Vauxhall than
    I do.
    I must admit I am not a qualified veterinary surgeon, no. But we were
    talking about Vauxhalls. And you still need to address that spelling and
    grammar issue of yours.
    Depends on the car. You won't get very far trying to plug it into my
    Vauxhall, but that won't stop my local dealer having a go and charging me
    for the privilege.
    Sweeping generalisation based on no knowledge of who you're talking to. And
    it's "you're an expert", not "your an expert".

    End of trolling competition.
    Mike, May 6, 2005
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