white gunk around oil cap

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by tomm, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. tomm

    tomm Guest

    Just topped up my 03 astra 1.6 and noticed a creamy deposit around the oil
    cap . Read this could be condensation and as my car has spent 3 days covered
    in snow I am hoping it is that simple . No problems running it that i have
    noticed . What do you think?
    tomm, Dec 4, 2010
  2. tomm

    Peter Guest

    As long as you aren't losing coolant it should be condensation. Probably
    nothing to do with the 3 days under snow, but more likely to be the
    result of short journeys in cold weather. Really you need 10 miles at
    motorway speeds to get the engine fully hot, even more if it's diesel.
    Peter, Dec 4, 2010

  3. More likely, a leaky head gasket or a porous block casting.

    Brian W
    brian whatcott, Dec 14, 2010
  4. tomm

    Brim Guest

    If it's one of those yellow plastic Vauxhall oil caps then almost
    certainly it's condensatiuon caused by short runs in cool
    temperatures. The old fashioned metal oil caps seemed to get nice and
    hot and evaporate off the mayo but not the plastic ones.
    Brim, Dec 16, 2010
  5. tomm

    tomm Guest

    It is a yellow plastic cap. It is still happening but my coolant doesnt
    drop at all. If something is leaking into the oil is it going to be the
    coolant or could something else leak in ?
    tomm, Dec 18, 2010
  6. Could try masking off the air inlet in front, to keep the engine warmer.

    Brian W
    brian whatcott, Dec 20, 2010
  7. tomm

    Brim Guest

    My wife's 2002 Corsa (which we've had from new) and is only used for
    short journeys. It's had mayo on the plastic filler cap since the day
    I first topped up the oil level. Coolant never drops or discolours and
    oil level does not go up. If oil was leaking into coolant you would
    get dirty coloured coolant in expansion tank. Is yours nice and clean?
    If coolant was leaking into combustion chambers the level would drop
    and white odourless steam would be coming out of exhaust pipe - more
    than you would expect on these cold winter mornings when some steam is
    to be expected.
    Brim, Dec 30, 2010
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