Vectra Mileometer blank

Discussion in 'Vectra' started by Howard Funnell, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. A neighbor's p reg vectra has a blank mileometer display. Is this just a
    matter of replacing a bulb in the instrument cluster? Or is this more

    Thanks for your help Howard
    Howard Funnell, Jul 27, 2008
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  2. Howard Funnell

    airsmoothed Guest

    Yes it is probably just the bulb, on most modern cars this means
    taking half the dashboard out, not sure if that's the case with a
    Vectra B, I haven't had that problem ...yet.
    airsmoothed, Jul 28, 2008
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  3. Howard Funnell

    me140 Guest

    The first one you do is a ball ache but once you get to know where all the
    screws are it isn't bad - about 30 mins. There are screws hidden behind the
    air vents and getting them out is a pain - you need light switch out, right
    vent, centre vents, column shrouds off - can't remember anything else off

    Yes it is probably just the bulb, on most modern cars this means
    taking half the dashboard out, not sure if that's the case with a
    Vectra B, I haven't had that problem ...yet.
    me140, Jul 28, 2008
  4. Howard Funnell

    Mike Guest

    Take a strong torch and shine it at the display. If its just the bulb then
    you should still be able to see the miles, as they will be there, just not
    lit up. It probably is just the bulb.

    first remove the steering column shroud. 3 screws underneath, and 2 facing
    you only accessible when you turn the wheel 90 degrees each way then remove
    the little round blanking plugs. the top half of the shroud will just lift

    next remove the combination light/foglight switch. it just pulls out of its
    hole, but will be stiff to come out.

    next remove the 3 air vent grills, 2 in the centre and one above the light
    switch. these come out by releasing catches on the side(s) with a knife
    blade/screwdrivers etc. Dont be tempted to pull on the slats as they will
    only break. And yes, its fiddly but once you have done one and seen where
    the catches are the other 2 should be easier.

    next the dash panelling. its in 2 halves and isnt as bad as it sounds.
    screws are behind the vents, light switches and on either side of the
    steering column just remove all the broad black headed crossheads you can
    see. then after removing the panelling check for any more screws holding the
    instrument panel. There may be another one at the left hand side, but I cant

    By now you should be able to pull the instument panel towards you. feel
    behind the left hand end for a big multi block connector for the radio
    display, which just pulls off. the panel has no mechanical cables to undo,
    it simply sits onto a big connection when in place, so theres nothing else
    to do but remove the panel. this is a bit fiddley, but I find that tilting
    it forewards helps, and have the stering wheel in the straight ahead
    position so you can tug at it a bit.

    Its a nuisance job really, not that big a deal, but take your time and I'd
    advise having a good torch handy, just in case. You will also find that
    theres a few bulbs in the back that dont seem to be doing much, that tcan be
    used as a replacement for the odometer bulb. just remove the bulb and hold
    the panel up to the light so you can see what you have taken, and dont use
    any important ones, like ABS, oil pressure etc.

    Have fun

    Mike, Jul 28, 2008
  5. Howard Funnell

    me140 Guest

    Nice description - light switch doesn't just pull out though.
    Poke something like a cocktail stick up the hole at the bottom of the knob
    and it will pull off, next look inside the switch-left and right - and you
    will see 2 silver strips of metal - these need to be levered towards the
    centre - the switch will pull out then.
    me140, Jul 29, 2008
  6. Thanks for very detailed replies, I will take the dash apart upon my return
    from holiday

    thanks again

    Howard Funnell, Jul 31, 2008
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