Vectra info display missbehaving (longish)

Discussion in 'Vectra' started by Guest, May 31, 2004.

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    I have a Vectra 2.2DTi in CDx spec, 2000/X done 44K miles.
    One of the toys is the "3 line" info display. It's playing up a little
    bit. It also has one of those CDRT700 combined GSM radio phone (A very
    nice toy indeed!).
    Now, two things are happening.
    Firstly, after re-filling with fuel and resetting the compuer settings
    all is well until the fuel gauge is displaying approx 3/4 of a tank when
    the display resets. Mileage goes to zero, fuel consumtion resets. The
    trip milage on the speedo is not affected. The temperature display seems
    to be OK. During the period where it's reseting the display does not
    respond to the steering wheel stalk controls. It only seems to to it
    once during a tank fill. (I tend to fill up run to 1/4 full and re-fill).
    secondly, an an occaisional basis the CDRT700 does not switch on
    correctly. The radio bit is fine but the phone display on the "3-line"
    gets "confused". I have it set so that the SIM PIN is needed. When it
    goes faulty the "enter pin" display is blank and replaced by the time.
    Switching the radio off and retrying 2 or 3 times usualy clears that. It
    was fine and started to play up recently, maybe around the time I first
    noticed the fault with the fuel consumption display.

    Now I know that the info display can suffer from missing dots etc. and I
    know how to get it out and fix that. But this seems a bit more subtle
    than that. I pulled the CDRT700 out and re-seated the connectors, that
    seems to have helped i.e. it's fault occurs less often.

    These faults may or may not be related. The fuel consumtion resetting
    might be the fuel gauge sender or wiring, the radio might be faulty.

    Now before I start tearing things apart does anyone recognise these
    symptoms? Am I looking at a TECH2 download of new software?. Would
    getting my local dealer to pull the codes help?

    Guest, May 31, 2004
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    Well to reply to my own post !
    I think that after some diagnosing 'n stuff, I might have found the cause.
    It looks like the reset button on the wiper stalk (right hand) was
    intermittently sticking on. This was continously resetting the display.
    One can test for it in 2 ways, firstly the stopwatch was continously
    resetting, secondly if you press the reset button while a phone function
    is displayed, the lower line is blanked. That's what was happening.
    I've dismantled and cleaned up the contacts - remains to be seen if that
    fixes it or if a new switch (£££) is required.
    Guest, Jun 15, 2004
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    Dave Spam wrote:

    and to reply to my own post again!
    The problem lies within the multifunction display.
    A firm thump on the dash above the display makes the fault come and go.
    Right then, when I've got enough tuits I'll dismantle and fix.
    It's just started raining. Dam! the tuits hide when it rains.........
    Guest, Jun 19, 2004
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