Vectra b gsi faulty milometer

Discussion in 'Vectra' started by vauxnut, Jul 2, 2020.

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    Jul 2, 2020
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    Hi before i start this trhread i would like to introduce myself.
    I live in the Essex area.
    Currently run a 1998 Vectra B GSI which i have owned from new and only has registered 73000 miles todate Photo attached . I also own a Cavalier SRI mk3 which i habve also owned from new new.
    The current issue I have is the milometer after a 86mile journey has jumped from 73000 miles to 117862 miles See photo. I have checked the trip computer and compared the two. Their is definately a issue and is overreading.
    Any ideas what is causing the issue would it be the instrument cluster that is now faulty?
    FI, speedo and rev counter are both working fine also no ABS light showing.
    I have spoken to two instrument repair companies and both have given me different information?
    I bought a used replacement with the 160mph speedo out of a donor and asked if the mileometer could be reset to the correct reading and was told they will also need the original cluster also as it could possibly have the car imboliser built into the cluster, which makes it unique to my car does anyone now if this is true?

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    vauxnut, Jul 2, 2020
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