Vauxhall Omega Climate Control won't vent where venting's required

Discussion in 'Omega' started by Pheasant Plucker, Aug 6, 2005.

  1. It's getting annoying, too.

    I've synchronised the servoes (pressing auto & off for 5+ secs), to no

    The Haynes manual states that the four main vents each have their own
    I've tried swapping the climate control (facia) unit, also to no avail.

    Someone throw me a line here - I'm drowning.
    Pheasant Plucker, Aug 6, 2005
  2. Pheasant Plucker

    me140 Guest

    Are we talking old or new shape Omega? Have you had the fault codes read to
    see if that can point you in any kind of direction?
    Climate control is usually very reliable apart from heater resistor burning
    me140, Aug 7, 2005
  3. Old shape - late 1999.

    Have you had the fault codes
    Not yet.
    I bought this car a few days ago - and the heater isn't working either ...
    I'm just glad it's not mid-winter !
    Does the heater unit have a control box of its own, somewhere ?
    I've swapped all the relays with my old Omega and all the fuses are intact
    (interior and under-bonnet) - to no avail.
    Pheasant Plucker, Aug 7, 2005
  4. OK, I've got a fault code of 9292

    Pheasant Plucker, Aug 7, 2005
  5. CORRECTION : - that should be 92, from a 16-pin diagnostic connector.

    Code sequence : - 12 - 12 - 12 - 92 - 92 - 92 - 12 .... and so on.
    Pheasant Plucker, Aug 7, 2005
  6. Fault 92 is listed as camshaft sensor (incorrect signal) for 16-pin OBD
    Perhaps it's because mine's a diesel - presumably with no camshaft sensor.
    In which case, it might seem that the OBD is picking up no faults.

    I guess it could be a disconnected electrical connector, somewhere in the
    circuit - given that it's affecting heat output (zero produced) aswell as
    vent selection.

    What are the chances that it would be the heater/blower itself ?
    Pheasant Plucker, Aug 7, 2005
  7. Pheasant Plucker

    me140 Guest

    You have read the fault codes for the engine but you need the fault codes
    for the climate control - different thing all together.
    When you turn the car off do you get two lines like -- appear in the display
    for temp on the heater control panel? If so there is a fault code stored in
    the climate ecu. The climate ecu is the bit with all the buttons in - about
    £500 - don't usually go wrong luckily.
    What isn't working?
    Is the fan working ok?
    Is it getting warm?
    Is it getting cold with eco off ( ac on)
    Is the air coming out where it should?
    me140, Aug 7, 2005
  8. Yes, I do.

    If so there is a fault
    I tried the (known working) one from my other omega - but still the same

    Yes, fully.
    No, not even slightly.

    Yes, the a/c's fine.

    No, there's no directionality at all.
    Pheasant Plucker, Aug 7, 2005
  9. Pheasant Plucker

    me140 Guest

    Under the bonnet follow the coolant pipes that are for the heater till you
    get to the water bypass valve - black plastic thing with 3 coolant pipes to
    it and a vacuum pipe. With the engine warm are the pipes that go in and out
    of the car hot? The valves do stick so water just goes back into the engine
    and not into the car.
    Hard to guess about direction problems so I think you may have to bite the
    bullet and get fault codes on climate read to give you a starting point.
    me140, Aug 8, 2005
  10. I'll check it out.

    The valves do stick so
    So, where's the ECC ECU diagnostic socket ?
    Pheasant Plucker, Aug 8, 2005
  11. Pheasant Plucker

    Mal Guest

    if you only bought the car a few days ago then why are you spending time
    trying to fix it??

    take it back and get the seller to sort the problems out
    Mal, Aug 9, 2005
  12. Pheasant Plucker

    me140 Guest

    Same plug that you used for the engine - this plug is the one dealers plug
    into to check everything on the car that has an ecu - airbag included so
    don't go paper clipping the wrong hole - best to go to a dealer cos their
    tech 2 will give the fault code, description of the fault and also the data
    list for the climate control to see what is/isn't happening.
    me140, Aug 9, 2005
  13. Yes, the valve gets hot.
    Could the two faults have the same cause ?
    Pheasant Plucker, Aug 9, 2005
  14. Pheasant Plucker

    me140 Guest

    The valve will get hot but are both the pipes into the car getting warm?
    me140, Aug 9, 2005
  15. Yes.
    In fact, today I had a snoop around on the business side of the
    heater/blower - and the rod controlling temp output works perfectly when
    operated manually (very hot to max airconditioning).
    I was a bit dismayed that a (to the) vent servo shaft didn't rotate when
    redirecting it (to anywhere) via the facia buttons.
    Could this be an electrical (connection) issue ?
    Pheasant Plucker, Aug 10, 2005
  16. OK.
    By disconnecting the (yellow, 'logic ?') connector from the climate control
    unit, reconnecting and piddling about with auto/hi/lo buttons, I can get the
    directionality required.
    But as soon as I turn off the ignition and restart, the thing goes back to
    directionlessness - and it's the same with both climate controllers (both of
    which are fine in my old Omega).
    But one thing that isn't improved is the total lack of heat control.

    What I'm wondering now, is whether any part of the climate circuitry is
    contained in the ECU under the bonnet.
    Does this sound like an electronic or heaterbox issue ?
    Pheasant Plucker, Aug 11, 2005
  17. Pheasant Plucker

    kgm Guest

    kgm, Aug 15, 2005
  18. Pheasant Plucker, Aug 16, 2005
  19. ... which yeah, I know - should have been Amigo ... but Spanish ain't my
    strong suit.

    Anyway, on to business.

    You know that bit at the end of the movie 'Alien' - when (having blasted the
    monster into outer space) Sigourney Weaver says "I got you, you bitch" ?
    Well, that was me today - when I finally cracked the heating cum
    vent-direction conundrum.

    Know what it was ?
    The climate ECU had to be hard reset twice - a hard reset consisting of
    disconnecting neg and pos battery terminals and dis/re-connecting both ECU
    Joy of joys when hot air came gushing out of the correct vents ... WOOH !

    Seems a single reset just wasn't enough.
    Thanks for the moral, emotional and technical (me140) support - you were

    I just love a happy ending !
    Pheasant Plucker, Aug 16, 2005
  20. Probably a really stupid question.........where exactly is the ECU located
    and is it then obvious how to disconnect it? Your solution might just be the
    answer to my problem ............. can't get hot air to flow from the
    passenger side.........cold seems ok.
    PS I know where the battery is .................................
    Todger O'Toole, Aug 17, 2005
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