Vauxhall Movano - check anti pollution system warning light

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Graham1975, Oct 9, 2022.

  1. Graham1975


    Oct 9, 2022
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    Hi, I was wondering if anything has experienced similar or has any advice.

    I bought a used Vauxhall Movano in April this year, it had done 40,500 miles. We have a full service history and didn’t seem like it had any work done previously.

    driving it home from the dealership the “check anti-pollution system” light came on. We rang the dealership straight away and basically told us to contact Vauxhall.

    We contacted Vauxhall and the van was booked in for it to be looked at. The light subsequently went off and the garage agreed there was no desperate need for it to be looked at seen as it hadn’t long been serviced.

    Fast forward a few week, the van broke down on the M6. The van was towed home and booked into a Vauxhall garage for repair. The DPF filter was blocked and needed to be replaced. Since then the van has been back in the garage another 3 times for the same fault - each time they’ve said it’s another injector that needed replacing.

    My question is - if they did the full diagnostic we paid for, would these additional faults show up? Why is there so many faults on one engine? Could it be a sensor problem?

    I’m at my wits end and find myself scared to drive the van I case it breaks down.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated:(
    Graham1975, Oct 9, 2022
  2. Graham1975


    Jan 31, 2023
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    Hi, have the same issue( check anti pollution system)although my van is 27k now. I'm going every 6 weeks to the garage to sort it out .....£150 each time....looks like the van is faulty...vauxhall dealership are useless. The said I have to wait 5 weeks to be checked.....
    Nomoremovano, Jan 31, 2023
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