Vauxhall Astra PHEV Usable Battery Capacity less than 10.4 kWh

Discussion in 'Astra' started by James McLeod, Feb 4, 2023.

  1. James McLeod

    James McLeod

    Feb 4, 2023
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    Has anyone tried to find out the usable battery capacity of an Astra PHEV during normal driving?

    I owned a Vauxhall Ampera for almost 10 years, until it was written off in late 2022, and opted to replace it with an Astra PHEV.

    Both Ampera and Astra were specified with a usable battery range of 10.4 kWh, so I was hoping for similar performance, but I have been disappointed by the Astra.

    The Ampera showed total kWh used on the display, and when all of the battery was used the value displayed was usually 10.4 kWh (or very close to that).

    The Astra doesn't show a kWh value, but does give miles and miles/kWh values, so on long trips when all of the battery capacity has been used, I have been dividing the miles by the miles/kWh to get a kWh value, and I have been surprised to find out that this typically gives me a figure of around 9 kWh, significantly less that the expected 10.4 kWh.

    For example ...

    38 miles at 4.1 miles/kWh = 9.3 kWh
    74 miles at 7.9 miles/kWh = 9.4 kWh

    I would very be interested to know if anyone else gets the same sort of numbers. If so, we've potentially been mis-sold a car that has 10% less usable range than advertised, or my Astra has a faulty battery that needs to be replaced.

    I have raised a Customer Support request with Vauxhall, and after over 2 months and numerous emails they have decided to close the case because they appear to be unable to explain why the usable battery capacity is lower than expected, so I thought I would share my experiences to see if others are seeing the same issue.

    Any feedback from other Astra PHEV owners would be very much appreciated.
    James McLeod, Feb 4, 2023
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  2. James McLeod

    Paul Rowe

    Sep 11, 2023
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    Hi James.
    I have had my Astra phev plug in since the end of October 2022, the advert says on electric you get 43 miles, i have yet to get this the most i have had is 32miles on a charge.
    i am getting about the same milage as you are.
    Paul Rowe, Sep 11, 2023
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