Vauxhall astra mrk 2 GTE 2.0 16v

Discussion in 'Astra' started by REMUS, May 12, 2004.

  1. REMUS

    REMUS Guest

    Hi, just joined the group but I already need a bit of help, i'm 18 and I am
    renovating a GTE, obviously i'm not going to keep the engine, until I can
    afford it. At the moment I have a 1.4 petrol out of a starlet in it and it
    really is as sweet little number but i'm not sure what to do to it, i dont
    really want to spend huge amounts of money on it becuase after all im 18 and
    it is a 1.4 litre..... but i would like to do somthing with it, so far i
    only have a peco bog bore 2" which gives me a nice revvy note.

    Back to the point i've spent allot of time cleaning everything up and
    replacing parts and its MOT worthy but before I do I want to add to the
    styling; so far I have, smoothed off the rear tail gate and added clear rear
    clusters, I have a full GTE kit as well as the twin rear spoilers. But I
    don't like the front and rear bumpers much. I figure I can mod the front
    bumper myself with wire mesh and a nice splitter i've seen (cant quote model
    and make sorry cant find catalogue atm)

    But I really don't like the sideskirts and rear bumper.

    Can anyone recommend me a full kit or skirts and rear bumper that go with
    the gte front? I have looked through total vauxall seen the usual RS kits
    and stuff but there isnt anything thats made me think wow!

    Also does changing the suspension and adding strut braces affect insurance?
    I'm guessing it does since I bet they reckon although it doesn't increase
    power it will allow me to drive faster.....

    REMUS, May 12, 2004
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  2. REMUS

    EggNChips Guest

    Hate to say it but a modified car will probably cost more than keeping it
    standard, even though you are reducing the performance. The minute you make
    any significant mods, 90% brokers will not even quote you.

    You may get away with not declaring the suspension mods as you can say that
    they were replaced when the old ones wore out (see note below) and you
    bought good quality ones, but the strut brace will have to be declared.

    Any mod at all should be declared (whether it increases power or not) as it
    varies the risk to the insurance company. Insurance companies are not there
    to provide a public service or 'do the right thing', they are there to make
    money. If they can find a way to get out paying, they will. The only
    reason they pay out at all is cos it would cost more in legal fees to be
    EggNChips, May 14, 2004
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  3. REMUS

    REMUS Guest

    I've already taken this into consideration and I've accepted it, I just want
    to get the car to look as good as I have envisaged.

    Anyone got any suggestions about the kit?
    REMUS, May 14, 2004
  4. REMUS

    Rusty® Guest

    If you can find them, the Irmscher skirts look fantastic.

    Any yes, suspension mods will put the insurance cost up as well.

    PS. Shame on you for swapping the XE for a Starlet lump, if anything that
    would put the insurance up even more anyway lol.

    HTH, Russ (loves his standard GTE 16v lol)
    Rusty®, May 15, 2004
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