Tyre overheating/binding when town driving

Discussion in 'Mokka' started by Dawn, Apr 9, 2024.

  1. Dawn


    Apr 9, 2024
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    I have a 2016 petrol Mokka SE. I have a problem whereby my front drivers wheel overheats as if brakes are binding. Only happens in town driving where I'm doing a lot of stopping and starting and more often in summer. Disk red hot and smoking. Happened on journey through towns of about 30 miles. Let wheel cool for 10 mins then drove another 70 miles on motorway with no issue. First time it happened my steering wheel was very juddery. Now I can tell its going to happen as it's like driving through treacle so I have to stop and let it cool. Got front caliper changed. Didn't happen over winter. Drove through town yesterday, about 50 miles in total. Got home and could smell burning when I got out of car. Front wheel cold but now back drivers side wheel roasting. Help!
    Dawn, Apr 9, 2024
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