Tigra alarm light?

Discussion in 'Tigra' started by Tom Harvey, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. Tom Harvey

    Tom Harvey Guest


    Does anyone have any suggestions as to why the alarm light on a Tigra
    (old style) would come on and stay on with the ignition? It is the light
    that is part of the hazard light switch. It does not seem to have made
    any difference to the car which still starts/drives as before.

    In my wisdom I took it to a dealer in the hope that they might have a
    clue, but after trying to blame an after market alarm, and replacing the
    hazard switch (completely unnecessarily, in my opinion) they told me
    that they would have to take the dash off to get to the alarm, something
    they could have told me over the phone and save my wife spending a day
    without a car.

    Any suggestions would be a help.

    Tom Harvey, Dec 28, 2004
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