Removing damaged front spoiler

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by Kinky Chinky, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Kinky Chinky

    Kinky Chinky Guest


    bought a second hand '99 Astra Sri with front bumper spoiler.

    Unfortunately I was not used to the lower ground clearance and have caught
    the spoiler on several speed humps. This has caused it to crack and has
    recently developed a hole the size of a golf ball on the leading edge.

    Car is due MOT soon. Will it pass with the damaged spoiler? If not can the
    spoiler be removed easily. It appears to be factory fitted.

    Kinky Chinky, Apr 4, 2005
  2. Kinky Chinky

    Mike Guest

    Maybe, maybe not. but to keep you on the road, could you duct tape it if it
    isnt hanging off? not look pretty, but as long as it poses no threats to
    anyone (sharp/protruding bits etc) then should see you through until a more
    permanant solution comes by.

    Mike, Apr 4, 2005
  3. Kinky Chinky

    Kinky Chinky Guest

    Thanks for your reply.

    The bumper and spoiler is not hanging off and is still securely fixed.

    Can you confirm that taping over the hole will pass the car through MOT? As
    I don't want to send it in for a test only to then be told it's failed.
    Kinky Chinky, Apr 4, 2005
  4. Kinky Chinky

    ady Guest

    The only section of the MOT this could possibly fail on is "dangerous
    bodywork". Render it "undangerous" as suggested ie no sharp edges/sticky-out
    bits and you will be OK.

    ady, Apr 5, 2005
  5. Kinky Chinky

    Mike Guest

    Pretty much as I said. (thanks Ady)

    Might not look cool, but its a heck of a lot better than standing at a bus

    (trust me on this one, ok?)

    Mike, Apr 5, 2005
  6. Kinky Chinky

    Kinky Chinky Guest

    Many thanks guys.

    Kinky Chinky, Apr 6, 2005
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