Rear bearings going on a 03 Signum (or Vectra)

Discussion in 'Signum' started by Bob Smith, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Guest

    I have had some bearing noise for a while now. The mechanic finally
    believed me once I showed him which wheel was getting hot, and changed it.

    Thing is, now I still have bearing noise. The bearing that was replaced WAS
    faulty, because the brake squeak noise is gone, and I am getting 4-5mpg more
    out of it.

    So, has anyone else had a rear bearing go on an 03 Signum or Vectra? I
    checked online before getting it repaired, and found a product recall.
    Since my chassis number was outside the range, VX told me to get lost. Now
    I find I have 2 bearings gone on a 72000 mile old car, I am thinking they
    might have another bad batch, but won't admit it.

    How long should bearings last anyway? I thought it was the life of the car

    Bob Smith, Oct 11, 2006
  2. Bob Smith

    me140 Guest

    Are you really sure the bearing has gone?
    My guess is that the wheel was getting hot because the brake was binding -
    the squeal you have heard - you had a new bearing fitted which disturbed the
    brake so it is now free and quiet.
    The bearing sound you are hearing could easily be caused by the wheel
    alignment being out at the back cos it is adjustable, this makes the tread
    on the tyre "step" and it sounds just like a wheel bearing has gone.
    Run your hand over the tread especially in the inner edge to see if it is
    me140, Oct 12, 2006
  3. Bob Smith

    Mike Guest

    If it looks bad, wear gloves! wires poking out unseen dont half hurt!

    Mike, Oct 12, 2006
  4. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Guest

    I have it here in case VX want to see it. When I turn it, it feels a little
    bit clicky. I imagined it would spin for a while too - the most I can get
    it to free spin is about 1/4 of a turn - is this normal?

    The pads were replaced right before I started hearing the squeak - I thought
    it was thicker pads that could not move as far out of the way, squeaking and
    causing -4mpg. The squeak only happened when the car had warmed up, so I
    thought it was the heat from the bearing causing the binding.

    Speaking of heat, I still think the other rear bearing is faulty - the wheel
    is as warm as the front wheels after a good drive (cooler than the old
    bearing though), and the newly replaced corner is noticably cooler (almost
    ambient temp). I suppose the front should be warmer from braking as the
    last few miles home are downhill, and to work are winding country roads, or
    should they be as cool as the new corner?

    Bob Smith, Oct 12, 2006
  5. Bob Smith

    Mr Me Guest

    Sounds brake related.

    Go to some really helpful people on there which
    should be able to help!

    Mr Me, Oct 12, 2006
  6. Bob Smith

    Olliebears Guest

    I too have a Vectra 2.2 TDI 04 plate 50,000mls on clock

    It has now had two new rear bearings but still I get the grinding
    sounds........... More so when turning right or on a roundabout

    I am about to change the rear brake pads ....any unsuspecting things I
    should be aware of?

    Olliebears, Oct 15, 2006
  7. Bob Smith

    Neil Burton Guest

    Are you sure that the noise is not tyre tread noise. I also have an 52
    Vectra-C and have had the first set of rear tyres replaced because I
    complained of a drumming noise coming out of the back axle. wheel bearings?
    Vauxhall dealer said I had flat spotted the rear tyres. I don't drive like
    an idiot and ABS should not lock your tyres, so was well puzzled. Replaced
    rear tyres with identical make of tyre solved the problem. I paid 50% and
    Vauxhall 50%. Now 10,000 miles later I have the same problem (drumming noise
    from tyres). Decided to swap over tyres from front to back. Drumming noise
    is now coming from the front. So it is the tyres. Goodyear's. Been back
    to Vauxhall's no help as car is now 4 years old, but garage guy showed me
    that the tread was uneven around the tyre. Not across the tyre. i.e every
    2 inches of tread was high and then the next 2 inches was lower, as though
    the tread had work unevenly. They called this "blocking", i.e blocks of
    tread wearing at different rates.

    So has anyone had this problem.

    P.S. tracking camber and geometry were all checked.
    Neil Burton, Oct 16, 2006
  8. Bob Smith

    mikeFNB Guest

    yep same problem rear end of a sintra.

    did drum/discs and padds both sides
    then old boy at a local garage deflated the tyres, bingo one had a flat part
    across the whole tyre.
    but it didnt show under pressure

    mikeFNB, Oct 17, 2006
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