Q: vaux cav 1.6 'k' reg, where is no 1 plug lead on distributor?

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by niloc, Sep 16, 2004.

  1. niloc

    niloc Guest

    that is looking at dist cap from back of engine.

    also is the firing order 1,3,4,2

    niloc, Sep 16, 2004
  2. niloc

    malc Guest

    No.1 is timing belt end, and the firing order is indeed 1342.
    malc, Sep 16, 2004
  3. niloc

    niloc Guest

    thanks for that but i wanted to know is where no.1 lead goes on the
    distributor cap. i know the rotor arm goes anti clockwise.

    he has taken all the old leads off and not marked them to put back new
    one in same order on the cap end. and the car seems to be firing on 2
    plugs only. yet all the plugs are sparking, and will not start. not
    sure if when the ignition is on the fuel pump should run, it is not a
    fuel injected model

    niloc, Sep 17, 2004
  4. niloc

    malc Guest

    The best way to set it is to make sure that the cam timing marks are
    aligned...The rotor arm should then be pointing at No.1 plug lead in the
    distributor cap.
    malc, Sep 17, 2004
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