Omega Elite Self Levelling Suspension Problem

Discussion in 'Omega' started by JesterRT, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. JesterRT

    JesterRT Guest


    I've just got hold of an Omega Saloon, but the rear suspension keeps
    boosting up, even when there's no load in there. I think it's causing
    a problem with the headlights as well (as there's a message for those
    on the dash - "Low Beam Fld/Vision").
    A friend said that the problem may be a valve somewhere near the
    compressor, but I'm not sure. Could anyone give me some advice on what
    to look for, or what might remedy this?

    JesterRT, Aug 11, 2006
  2. JesterRT

    mikeFNB Guest

    could be the solenoid or the air pump, both fail
    check both

    mikeFNB, Aug 11, 2006
  3. JesterRT

    me140 Guest

    If memory serves me right it uses the rear level sensor for the headlights.
    It is mounted on the rear suspension wishbone. If you have a look you might
    find it has just come loose or the arm has popped off the ball.
    me140, Aug 11, 2006
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