Omega Elite Sat Nav

Discussion in 'Omega' started by James Lindsay, Jan 25, 2005.

  1. Can someone shed any light on this.

    1997 Elite with the original Phillips Carin Sat Nav. For the first half hour
    it's all over the place but after that fine. It's only when it's acquired
    enough satellite signals that it gets to work, and it works fine after that.
    It seems not to be able to acquire the satellite signals fast enough, and
    this can take up to half an hour.

    Any suggestions?

    James Lindsay, Jan 25, 2005
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  2. James Lindsay

    Clive Guest

    try staying in the same place with out moving for 10 minutes... it may be
    that it needs to accuire the satellites if the bettery has been disconnected
    for some time.
    Clive, Jan 28, 2005
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  3. James Lindsay

    Peach Guest

    The battery hasn't been disconnected recently but following on from you
    reply (many thanks btw) could it be the case that I need a new battery? When
    I have all heated seats on, rear window etc. the battery light on the dash
    is very slightly illuminated meaning battery or I suppose alternator. The
    car is fine apart from this Sat Nav issue but it's getting on now and I
    suppose I don't grudge it a new battery if needs be. Will this help you
    reckon? Or is there a more sinister problem with the battery light coming
    on, albeit dimly. I remember something similar happening with a V6 Calibra a
    good few years ago now. The alternator was replaced but the same fault
    recurred. I sold it not long after that so didn't pursue the matter.

    Any help, most appreciated. It's driving me nuts.

    Peach, Jan 31, 2005
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