Omega Elite (2002) phone wiring and roof aerial

Discussion in 'Omega' started by Clive Donaghue, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. My dealer is claiming that the roof aerial on my 2002 Omega Elite Saloon
    does NOT contain a GSM aerial - just the GPS and radio aerial. Everything
    I've read contradicts this - I think that the roof aerial "blob and stick" I
    have contains both the GPS and GSM aerials and that the radio aerial is in
    the back screen.

    Can anyone confirm this?

    Also, assuming I'm right, where does the GSM aerial connection come out? Is
    it just in the telephone pre-wiring loom?

    It's a bit of an odd one this - the car was previously owned by Vauxhall
    themselves and did have a car kit fitted which had been removed. It looks
    like the fitter hadn't used the roof aerial as there is another aerial cable
    running up the roof lining which we're assuming went to a glass mount aerial
    and they also didn't wire the sound through the stereo - they used the
    little nokia speaker, which they kindly left for me :) . The odd thing is
    that when my fitter tried to wire the sound through the stereo, it sounded
    awful apparently. When I looked over his shoulder It looked like there was
    just a pair of wires running off to the back of the stereo and I expected to
    see a connector or for this to be part of the loom. Any ideas on this? I'm
    starting to think that a) whoever fitted the previous kit on Vauxhall's
    behalf didn't even know about the factory features like the roof aerial and
    then when the took it out they maybe just cut the cables...

    Cheers, Clive

    Cheers, Clive
    Clive Donaghue, Dec 5, 2003
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  2. Clive Donaghue

    Alan Guest

    I suspect your car was not 'owned by Vauxhall' but registered in their name
    and run by someone else. This person probably paid a non-Vauxhall cowboy to
    fit a phone kit.



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    Alan, Dec 5, 2003
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  3. Hi Alan,

    Understand your scepticism - I was told by the supplying dealer that it was
    used by Vauxhall as a Chauffer car. I did see the keys as the car arrived at
    the dealer from Vauxhall central stock and it had a paper tag on it with
    "chauffer car" or similar on it. However, I guess that and the fact the
    previous owner was "Vauxhall Fleet Management" doesn't actually mean the
    dealer is telling the truth - anyone could have had the car leased to them I

    Have you got competent guys at your dealership who could give me some honest
    knowledgeable advice about this. My guess is that you're right - cowboy
    installation. I'd like to work out how far from as-it-left-the-factory spec
    in terms of connections etc. the car has been left by the cowboy install /
    rip out so I can take it up with my dealer and get it rectified. I'm
    starting to think I might have been sold something not quite "as

    Cheers, Clive
    Clive Donaghue, Dec 5, 2003
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