Omega Auto Box Oil Leak

Discussion in 'Omega' started by Trev, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Trev

    Trev Guest

    Hiya Folks
    Problem as title. P reg 2.5 V6 Auto. Oil leak from box but only seems to
    leak when used hard! Driven quietly below say 3k revs its not a problem but
    use it harder and I can smell the oil burning on the exhaust pipes. Its got
    that EP90 smell to it. I first thought it was the rocker gasket's because I
    saw a puff of smoke from under the bonnet but it must be oil getting flung
    from the flywheel making a bid for freedom! Got it booked in for inspection
    on Friday but anyone got a clue as to what I can expect? oh yeah before I
    forget its got 58000miles on the clock and from the history I got with it
    its been main dealer looked after most of its life but I had the cambelt
    changed anyway!!
    Trev, Jul 11, 2007
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