Old Astra, Clock/Date/Temp display.

Discussion in 'Astra' started by ChrisM, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. ChrisM

    ChrisM Guest

    As I've mentioned before, I've got an 'R' reg (older shape) Astra.
    The display that shows the clock/date and temperature stopped working months
    ago, I assumed that the bulb had gone, and left it until I had time to have
    a look.
    That time came yesterday, and it was suprisingly easy to remove the module
    from the dash. (2 screws, a bit of wiggling and a little plug to remove).
    On closer investigation, the bulbs were fine, but the soldering of the plug
    onto the board looked a bit suspect, so I attempted to resolder the pins to
    the board.
    On replacing the module in the car, it seems to work better, but is still
    behaving oddly, doens't always light up, unless the headlights are on
    (though it does sometimes). It seems to sometimes forget the time if the
    ignition is turned off for longer than a few minutes, etc. etc.

    Anyone got experience of this, and can point me to where to look next,
    should I suspect my soldering (I'm no expert) or is it more likely to be the
    connecting cable, or some component failure on the board itself??
    On the subject of the cable, does it plug in at the far end, or is it just
    wired directly into the loom?? I'd like to remove it so that I can test

    One final question (and thanks if you've kept with me this far!). How easy
    is it to remove the panel where the controls for the heater etc. are? As one
    or two bulbs in there seems to have failed also (or is that more likely to
    be a connector issue too??) Some simple instructions would be excellent

    ChrisM, Jan 26, 2009
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  2. ChrisM

    ChrisM Guest

    In message ,
    Well, to answer my own question, it was indeed my dodgy soldering. I took
    the unit back out last night, and re-soldered all the pins. It seems to be
    working fine now...

    One other thing. My radio is an after-market one, and when the radio is
    turned on, the date on the display disappears (it used to show the radio
    station with the original radio). I'm told that if I cut the red/grey wire*
    then the date should stay on. Anyone able to confirm this before I get my
    wirecutters out!!?

    (*Red wire with a grey trace)
    ChrisM, Jan 27, 2009
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  3. ChrisM

    ChrisM Guest

    In message ,
    Well, I'm overwhelmed with the level of activity in this group at the
    Again, to answer my own question, for anyone else trying to find out the
    same thing, it is indeed the red/grey wire that needs to be cut. Date
    display now stays active when radio is switched on.
    ChrisM, Jan 28, 2009
  4. ChrisM

    Gio Guest

    Sorry you are not getting a response from anyone, particularly from someone
    with an older Astra. You will just have to comfort yourself in the
    knowledge that your problem with the display and its method of repair may
    help someone in the future when they search the group for an answer.

    Gio, Jan 28, 2009
  5. ChrisM

    ChrisM Guest

    In message glqp7m$qld$,
    Thank's for your reply. It makes me feel better just to know that SOMEONE is

    In case my last post sounded arsey, I was only joking btw, maybe I should
    have added a :eek:)

    If I manage to answer my own questions, I usually try to post a response to
    them, for just the reason you mentioned.

    Though there seems to be less activity in here than there used to be, which
    is a shame.
    ChrisM, Jan 29, 2009
  6. ChrisM

    Peter Guest

    Maybe Vauxhalls are getting more reliable? Though I have noted fewer
    posts on all the groups I read of late.
    Peter, Jan 29, 2009
  7. ChrisM

    ChrisM Guest

    In message ,
    Think usenet in general is dying out slowly. In 'real life' I only know a
    couple of other people that even know what it is...! Web based forums and
    groups are taking over, which IMO is a shame, because I find newsgroups work
    much better for this sort of thing, but maybe I'm just old-fashioned...??!
    ChrisM, Jan 29, 2009
  8. ChrisM

    Martin Guest

    You can feel comforted that you're asking questions which few, if any, can
    answer. Wouldn't it be worse if you felt everyone but you knew it all ?!
    Martin, Jan 29, 2009
  9. ChrisM

    Ian Hatten Guest

    I read the question, could not answer but handy to know you sorted it out
    and I might remember it in future should the need occur.

    Ian Hatten, Jan 29, 2009
  10. ChrisM

    Gio Guest

    Well Chris there seems to be at least 5 people reading and responding to
    this group :)

    Gio, Jan 29, 2009
  11. ChrisM

    dogsBollix Guest

    Me Too!
    i read it too!

    now where's my prize ?

    dogsBollix, Jan 29, 2009
  12. ChrisM

    Gio Guest

    Welcome back dB. I don't know about a prize other than the honour you
    receive for recording your immortalised words in cyberspace. But having
    said that, that's us up to 6 now ! By gum we are raking them in now, it is
    not quite so dead here after all. :)

    Gio, Jan 29, 2009
  13. ChrisM

    Phil Cobham Guest

    Add me in (number 7)

    Phil Cobham, Jan 30, 2009
  14. ChrisM

    me140 Guest


    me140, Jan 30, 2009
  15. ChrisM

    Guest Guest

    Guest, Feb 1, 2009
  16. ChrisM

    Gio Guest

    We might even make it into double figures !
    Gio, Feb 1, 2009
  17. ChrisM

    Kellerman Guest

    Well there is a number 10 out there! Or should that read in here?
    I'm being quiet because I'm job hunting. Ex-employer made 19 of us
    Kellerman, Feb 2, 2009
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