Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by HaznShaz, Sep 27, 2023.

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    Sep 27, 2023
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    I have a 2017 Viva which is used almost exclusively to do a 4 mile trip to work doing less than 4000 miles annually. I changed the oil almost a year ago and reset the message centre to 100%.

    The "oil change" message has now appeared on the message centre again but the dipstick shows very clean oil ( very pale straw colour ) and probably only about 1mm below the full mark.

    I suspect that the message is triggered either by mileage covered or by the time since the last reset, whichever comes first.

    In view of the apparent freshness of the oil and the fact that the engine is never worked to anything near its capabilities should I forget about an oil change this year and simply reset to 100%?
    HaznShaz, Sep 27, 2023
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