New Astra 19.CDTi 120ps & 150ps - Visual Difference (SRI spec)

Discussion in 'Astra' started by rolandrat, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. rolandrat

    rolandrat Guest

    Is there a obvious visual difference between the 120ps & the more
    powerful 150ps, other than going for a spin and checking the 0-60?
    rolandrat, Aug 23, 2005
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  2. rolandrat

    me140 Guest

    16 valve- the ti of the cdti badge is red - 8 valve is not. Or open the
    bonnet - oil cap is on near side on 16v and off side on 8v.
    me140, Aug 23, 2005
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  3. rolandrat

    rolandrat Guest

    It appears they are both 16v units, ive been through the spec
    sheets with a fine tooth comb and can't see any difference in the
    spec of the cars with the different powered ouput version of the
    The reason I ask, and call me paranoid, I want to order one through
    a broker (to save £3800 on list), I don't have to pay until its on
    the drive, but i doubt they'll let me take it for a spin and check
    the 0-60.
    rolandrat, Aug 23, 2005
  4. rolandrat

    Tito Guest

    Go to a local garage and get a test drive.
    No there is not a difference between the 2 powers. It even has a roughly
    similar mpg. Definately worth the extra.
    Tito, Aug 23, 2005
  5. rolandrat

    rolandrat Guest

    Sorry I didnt mean, what are they like to drive, I want to make
    sure the car I get is the correct one as I don't want to part with
    the cash to find its not the correct car. Would be a lot of hassle
    me thinks to sort it out. You know in case someone messed up the
    order, the paper work might say the right thing but the car might
    be wrong - paranoid I know!!!
    rolandrat, Aug 23, 2005
  6. rolandrat

    Mike Guest

    "You know in case someone messed up the
    Even paranoids have enemies.

    Why not go to a dealers and have a look at one of each. if they dont have
    one of each at a local VX dealer then try one of these car supermarket type


    (sorry I cant help you with a phyical description, but its the best I can
    come up with)
    Mike, Aug 23, 2005
  7. rolandrat

    Mr Me Guest

    I think there is a bit of a difference on specs on the 120 and 150. e.g. I
    had a 120bhp vectra, that is defiantly a 8 valve, we now have the 150bhp
    which is a 16v different head and different place to fill the oil.

    Why do vauxhalls fit a 8 valve in the vectra at 120bhp but a 16valve in the
    Astra at 120bhp. I really do think that Vauxhall have got the literature
    wrong, and not the first time in my experience. I think the 1.9 cdti 120bhp
    in the Astra is also a 8 valve, therefore to fill the oil, the yellow oil
    filler cap is on the left of the head, and the 16 valve 150bhp is on the

    Mr Me, Aug 23, 2005
  8. rolandrat

    rolandrat Guest

    Thanks for all the replies, I emailed Vauxhall and they got back to
    me to say they are both 16v units but as someone suggested above
    the 150s has a red Ti and the 120ps is all Chrome.
    Case closed.
    rolandrat, Aug 24, 2005
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