Mokka Headlight Issue

Discussion in 'Vauxhall Parts For Sale / Trade' started by vauxy1405, Nov 21, 2023.

  1. vauxy1405


    Nov 21, 2023
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    Hi all, im looking for some tech advice please, ive got a 2014 Mokka 4WD Exclusiv.
    One of the projector headlights has internally failed possibly a motor issue and now I have no headlights just side lights.
    Ive contacted the local dealer and been quoted £1400 to replace it. (part no. 42516766)
    Does anyone know if I can downgrade the lights to standard leds, are the plugs different will the lights work and what issues will I have in doing this. im not bothered about these fancy lights that move around, I just want lights that work that dont cost the earth. Located in Glasgow anyone local with tech advice or knowledge would be superb. photo attached of the offending item. many thanks

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    vauxy1405, Nov 21, 2023
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