Mechanics Baffled !!!!

Discussion in 'Astra' started by Cliffy, Nov 28, 2023.

  1. Cliffy


    Nov 28, 2023
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    Hi All,

    Can anyone please, please help !!!!

    Im at my wits end trying to solve a problem with my 2008 Astra Van 1.7 G, The electrics cut out when turning the steering wheel full lock to the left "mainly", although they have been known to cut out completly when pulling up to a junction.

    All the electrics often PULSE, for example when it throws a wobbler the dash lights pulse up and down noticeably and after shutting down and restarting it always stops this pulsing.

    Noticed today that if the steering wheel is turned quickly a few inches side to side all the lights slightly dim and brighten in time with the steering wheel movement, almost as though the steering is sapping loads and loads of power.

    Other times the engine keeps running but all electrics cut out completly for a few seconds and then come back on, Head lights and all interior lights on the dash cut out, also the heater motor cuts out along with the wipers, basically ALL electrics, very scary at night in the sticks.

    I have parted with the van for many weeks after leaving it for mechanics to resolve. They havent resolved it and all claim that they havent got a clue what is causing it, but im left with a big bill for investigation everytime which I can sort of understand but its p*ssing me off now.

    I have replaced the alternator, the battery is faily new, its had a major service and the crank sensor has been changed all within the last few months, none of these things solved the issue. Some other mechanics want to replace the new alternator again at great cost (£400). I have spent just over £1,000 on it so far in mechanics costs and parts and am no nearer to solving this issue.

    No codes appear either on the pedal test or on the mechanics diagnostic stuff. Battery tested OK but very,very slightly low apparently.

    The van has done 103k miles and I look after it like my baby. I have owned it since it was just over 2 years old so about 13 years now. its had a major service every year at MOT time even when it has done only 2.5k in that year for example.

    Can ANYONE help me with this or is it time for it to be scrapped.

    Cheers. Cliff.
    Cliffy, Nov 28, 2023
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