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Discussion in 'Insignia' started by insignia67, Sep 19, 2021.

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    Sep 19, 2021
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    hi folks im lee i have recently purchased a insignia b mk2 67 plate.i have found an oil leak recently but a garage told me it was a timing chain gasket but was tod to repair this would be 15hrs labour and to go to vauxhall.they tod me that to get to the timing chain that the clutch housing and gearbox will have to come off .i would like to know is this correct as according to vauxhall the timing chain gasket is upper and lower at around £5 each so surely the 15 hrs work wouldnt be nessary would it??? as been told the clutch housing is covering the timing chain cover to get to the gasket?PLEASE ADVISE
    insignia67, Sep 19, 2021
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