Help yellow engine light.

Discussion in 'Other Vauxhall Models' started by EJ59, Apr 21, 2020.

  1. EJ59


    Apr 21, 2020
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    Hi can anyone please advise. We bought a Crossland X Tech line yr 2019 in Feb 2020. We have not been able to use it for 6 weeks due to being ill then the lock down. Husband had to go to work yesterday and today did in total less then 12 miles. He just went to move it on the driveway and engine light in yellow has come on and says engine fault repair needed. This car has been standing with only now and then being moved forward or backwards on the drive way so as not to ruin the tyres. I've tried to contact garage all are shut now waiting for Vauxhall help to get in touch. Can anyone advise please. Thank you.
    EJ59, Apr 21, 2020
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