GTE Digital dash (FS Spacecruiser)

Discussion in 'General Motoring' started by susatuk, Jul 22, 2005.

  1. susatuk

    susatuk Guest

    Hi guys

    I have just bought a digital dash from a astra gte 8v, putting this into a
    cavalier 4x4 is this a job a novice could do?

    also i have on ebay a spacecruiser for sale it's located at

    susatuk, Jul 22, 2005
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  2. susatuk

    Rob Guest

    the job itself is not difficult although modifying the dash surround can
    be(i've got the exact conversion into my cavvy 16v although as per yours the
    wirins should pretty much be colour for colour. the only thing you will need
    is the gearbox sender plug for the speedo i hope you got this with the dash
    as they are extortionate to buy from Vauxhall,

    the following is from Cavweb

    Cavalier MK3 - Astra GTE digital dash wiring guide

    First of all remember an astra digital dash does not have :-

    1) 4x4 light

    2) check control lights

    A cavalier dash has 3 connectors:-

    1. large connector, fully populated behind rev counter - does most things

    2. large connector, few wires behind petrol gauges - does ABS & 4x4

    3. small square one for check control only

    An astra Digital dash has 2 connectors:-

    large connector like cavalier one which does all lights at the bottom of the
    dash small pins with lots of pins which does everything else

    Cavalier Connector 1 Astra

    Pin Functions Colour Pin


    2 Alternator Light Blue/White 1 small pin

    3 Speedo Blue/Red 21 small pin (and gear box sender)

    4 Earth Brown 9 small, 10 small, 11 small, 15 large

    5 Illumination Grey/Black 3 small

    6 Engine Temp Blue 17 small

    7 Fuel Gauge Blue/Black 4 small

    8 Revcounter Green 7 small

    9 Ignition Black 15 small, 9 large, 5 small

    10 Brake Fluid Brown/Red 4 large

    11 Handbrake Brown/White 3 large

    12 Engine Man Brown/Blue 11 large

    13 Indicator Black/White/Green not connected

    14 IGN (Ind Fuse) Black not connected

    15 Oil Light Blue/Green 22 small

    16 Main Beam White 14 large

    Indicator Right Black/Green 1 large

    Indicator Left Black/White 16 large

    Oil Pressure Blue/Yellow 12 small

    Illumination Grey/Green 13 large, 16 small

    Cavalier Connector 2 - Astra

    Pin Functions Colour Pin

    1 Seat Belts

    2 Airbag (Brown/Yellow too !)

    5 TC

    6 Trailer Ind White/Green 12 large

    7 4x4 Brown/Black To a spare light large

    8 ABS Brown/Yellow 6 large

    10 Auto Gear box Brown/Violet

    11 Glow plugs

    12 CAT

    You will need to run 2 wires from the indicator switch to the dash:-

    Indicator Right Black/Green 1 large

    Indicator Left Black/White 16 large

    For the illumination and dimmer to work correctly you will have to connect
    White/Yellow wire (lights on green light) & Grey/Green from pin 16 (relay)
    together and run to the fusebox grey/green wire fuse 9 bottom pin.

    You will need to add the speedo sender to the gear box and connect:-

    black to ignition

    brown to ground

    blue/red to 21 small pin and Blue/Red wire of the cavalier loom to drive the
    4x4 and fuel computer

    Speedo calibration

    There is a switch on the LCD dash which changes the speedo calibration

    on what tyres you have and gearbox etc.

    There are 2 options on the dash (for astra)

    175/70*13 (185/65*14 Astra GTE 16v models)

    185/60*14 Astra GTE 8v models

    You will have to set this the best you can by trying position 1 and 2 and

    the speed reading you get with the fuel computers instant speed reading

    by putting the fuel computer into average speed mode and then resetting it.

    Even if you get the fuel computer and speedo matching it may still not be

    to check follow a car at a constant speed.

    To get the oil pressure gauge working you will need to replace your oil
    pressure switch

    with an oil pressure gauge sender and combined pressure switch.

    from a cavalier 1984 GL,CD, Astra Mk1 SR/GTE (about o44 new)

    or Astra Mk2 GTE, Calibra 1995 (about o66 new)

    The expensive ones have a water proof connector like the cavalier one.

    However the o44 is just as good !

    If you have an expensive one simply plug in the water proof connector to the
    cavalier loom blue/green

    And run a new wire from the other terminal (push on) (blue/yellow) to 12

    If you have a cheep sender cut off the water proof plug on the cavalier loom
    and add a spade. then connect to sender.

    And run a new wire from the other terminal (push on) (blue/yellow) to 12
    Rob, Jul 23, 2005
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  3. susatuk

    susatuk Guest

    Cheers Rob
    susatuk, Aug 5, 2005
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