First Post - Already Worried about my Insignia ( 2017 1.6 D)

Discussion in 'Insignia' started by Medazzaland, Nov 10, 2021.

  1. Medazzaland


    Nov 10, 2021
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    Firstly good morning all

    this is my first post and i am not in any way a car expert but already a bit nervous about the long term reliability of my Insignia.

    I really liked the look of them and eventually sourced one 28k miles / 67 plate and very tidy inside and out. ( i took out a warranty for 12 months with the dealer)

    I've had the car around 3 months and so far

    a. Discovered the rear demister doesn't work and not covered under warranty ( not fixed)
    b. Awful fuel consumption / smell of diesel ( leaking) and taken back to dealer where a fuel filter was 'loose' and fixed. ( last week)

    This morning i have had ' reduced engine power' with engine light and traction control lights lit? effectively in limp mode

    Can the issue with the fuel filter trigger the engine power reduction? Im booked in tomorrow and scouring the warranty as you can imagine - Have i picked a dud car ?

    I cant afford to be replacing stuff on a car thats only 4 years old and 32k !!

    Any advice / thoughts welcome - Bought the car thinking it was a steady mileage car and been back three times tomorrow
    Already worried about it for winter / journeys

    Welcome any advice / thoughts
    Medazzaland, Nov 10, 2021
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