Did the garage screw up the clutch installation?

Discussion in 'Corsa' started by Worm1, Nov 19, 2022.

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    Nov 19, 2022
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    I will try to keep this short.

    So, my 2005 1.3 Combo CDTI had a slipping clutch. Other than the slippage both engine and box were smooth and when in neutral there was no noise of shafts turning from the box.

    I took the van to a garage and they fitted a new clutch. I immediately noticed that when in neutral a spinning shaft noise could be hear and a very fast tick tick tick noise was present.

    After a few days of driving the van every time I released the clutch pedal (after changing gear) the van would judder. As time went by the juddering got worse and the van started to become very noisy while driving but changing gears was still possible.

    After a few days of this juddering something just sort of 'snapped' and it became very hard to change gears. I managed to crawl home slowly and the van sounded really different. Almost like it was an electric vehicle. Like a whizzing shaft noise while driving.

    I parked it on my drive and went back to the garage to discuss. They said they would tow the van to the garage to take a look at it. Instead some guy from the garage came to my house and drove the van 4 feet forward and then left (I was out but it was caught on camera). He phoned me later and told me the problem wasn't the clutch and claimed it was the differential.

    I tried to drive the van back 4 feet to where it was parked originally but it felt like the hand brake was on (although it wasn't). I tried driving forward but it was extremely difficult to slip into first gear and when I did manage it the van again felt like hand brake was on. The van did not want to drive forwards or backwards.

    Is the problem with the clutch? Did it fall apart?
    Worm1, Nov 19, 2022
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