corsa temp display

Discussion in 'Corsa' started by corsadad, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. corsadad

    corsadad Guest

    Hi all

    You guys were great the last time I needed help. Help again please.
    T reg Corsa GLS1.0 air temperature gauge is just showing --:-- . Any ideas
    what the problem is?

    Thanks in advance

    corsadad, Dec 28, 2004
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  2. corsadad

    Mal Guest

    I had the sensor go faulty in an M reg astra I had ... would start off
    somewhere around the right temp. then it would rise within minutes and keep
    going upto 70.0 iirc and after that it would show --.-- I guess they didn't
    see the point of being able to show any temp. that high :)

    was a company car at the time and only took a few minutes for them to
    replace it at a masterfit garage

    Mal, Dec 28, 2004
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