Corsa D Shock Absorbers Change

Discussion in 'Corsa' started by icsd08063, Jan 27, 2023.

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    Jan 27, 2023
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    Athens, Greece
    Hello Team,

    After almost 150K with the factory shock absorbers on my 2009 Corsa D (1.4, 90HP), it is time to change them as there are significant signs of wear, especially in the rear ones.
    I am interested in keeping the same level of comfort and, possibly, adding a little more stability and handling when necessary.
    I am living on the suburbs of Athens, Greece and not inside the big city and also, I am doing some long distance trips here and there (400K-700K).

    I am thinking the below:
    1. Changing top mounts/stops and bumbers with the original GM ones
    2. Keeping the same springs
    3. Change all 4 shock absorbers with:
      • Bilstein B4 / B6
      • Koni STR.T
    I have read here and there some bad comments about the Bilstein blacks (B4) and some others say that Koni STR.T are too stiff for Corsa D.

    Any suggestions so as not to sacrifise comfort and slightly improve handling and stability maybe without being too stiff (let;s leave price factor out of the way as I am willing to pay more to satisfy my needs)?
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    icsd08063, Jan 27, 2023
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