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Discussion in 'Corsa' started by Desireless, Jul 31, 2009.

  1. Desireless

    Desireless Guest

    Yes, the guy that whined on about his 1998 Corsa Diesel has taken advantage
    of the scrappage deal
    and bought a brand new Corsa 1.3 CDTi EcoFlex Active (yeah, diesel again!) -
    very happy with it, but looking
    for anyone who's modded at all. I'll jump into the AllCorsa forums sometime
    over the weekend, but ask here anyway:

    Centre fascia/CD/MP3 player: The quality isn't great compared to my old
    system, has anyone replaced their centre player panel
    to accept a regular sized radio?

    Front fog lights - there's plugged plastic in the bumper to accept them -
    big job?

    Space-saving wheel: I don't have one, I have a full sized spare - but my
    mate with a 56 Astra has that awful wheel, did
    Vauxhall get a mass of complaints about it or something?

    Anyone wishing to buy a new car, don't be put off by a 1.3 - it's fast off
    the mark, very surprising.
    Desireless, Jul 31, 2009
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  2. Desireless

    Clive Guest

    You could have sold the old car and bought a 1 or 2 year old Corsa D with
    minimal mileage for a lot less than you paid. The scrappage deal is a con!
    What way. Performance is terrible compared to a petrol Fiesta or Corsa.
    The 1.3 engine has to work hard so you will not see any diesel MPG benefits.
    I wouldn't chip it or put tuning boxs sold by con merchants near it unless
    want premature wear. Any remap will be wiped off when it goes back to the
    garage as your warranty is void from the moment it is installed. The latest
    cars store info on how the car was driven and what peak measurements
    were. So if you do increase performance you are in trouble!
    for one you're not insured and then it's often not worth having the car with
    no warranty.

    You can buy a new console that has a single DIN mount and then you
    just need a cable adaptor. Most new stereos will work with the display
    and steering wheel controls. Just watch the peak power output level
    so you don't turn the inside of the car in to a smoke machine. You would
    benefit by fitting some proper crossovers and speakers in the doors.
    Even using the original stereo this is a vast improvement.
    You might find it is. Check the cables for them are in position first. If
    so then you will need to get them activated via the cars computer. Then
    you need the switch. It might not work. You may well be better trying
    to do it yourself, fitting a new switch inside the car to power the lights
    and take the 12v from the battery. See if you can get the lights from
    ebay or a whole new bumper with lights fitted. My front fogs have HIDs
    Most cars with alloy wheels have space savers and Vauxhall DID get
    a lot of complaints. Maybe they have gone back to full sized wheels?
    Mine is a stupid space saver so I carry a compressor and two cans of
    tyre weld to save me having to change anything until I get to my
    I would disagree but it depends on what you are used to. Side by side, the
    1.3cdti is slower than a 1.25 petrol Fiesta and a 1.2 Corsa. You need to
    rev the 1.3cdti hard to get it going and up hills or motorways it does
    for help! It's a great little car for around town, going to the shops and
    but not for motorways or long journeys. The road tax is also very low
    and so is insurance.

    You would have been far better off getting the new 1.7cdti - now that IS
    fast in a Corsa!

    Good luck to you anyway.
    Clive, Aug 1, 2009
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