Corrosion Threat

Discussion in 'Meriva' started by ambvol, Nov 20, 2021.

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    Nov 20, 2021
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    My Meriva B is 10 years old and as the 54000 mile engine is in good condition and no other indications of an imminent problem are present in its daily use i was hoping the the car would last at least another 2 years before it becomes necessary to scrap due to being too costly to repair.

    However although it past the last MOT with no repairs needed a few months ago. I was concerned at the advisory notice that some corrosion need attention. I checked and discovered corrosion at the rear of the drivers side of the sill only visible by looking under the car. I have checked the near side sill and cant detect any other corrosion.

    I have treated the corroded sill underside with rust converter ,fibre glass and under seal to hopefully stop any water ingress to the rest of the sill but its a finger crossed situation. Perhaps I might invest in an endoscope or seek a quotation for a pro garage repair. before the next MOT.

    I am surprised because it would appear that Vauxhall have gone to great trouble to treat the interior of the sill with a tough coating( Info found on the internet via AA breakdown). and there are numerous rubber plugs on the sill underside presumably to aid inspection.

    I am writing this report because I am surprised by this discovery and think it will be of some interest to owners of owners of Meriva b cars.

    ambvol, Nov 20, 2021
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