brake issue rear calliper or rear flexi hose

Discussion in 'Astra' started by the wee man, Oct 26, 2019.

  1. the wee man

    the wee man

    Oct 26, 2019
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    after my sons 56 plate astri 1.6 sxi lay in the drive for over 6 months,the brakes had siezed on

    i had left the handbrake off and used 2 bricks to keep the car from moving,so...

    after starting the car and trying to rock the car back and forth,the front brakes loosened up and worked,the rear brakes remained siezed on...

    i noticed a little damp patch on the o/s rear calliper,where the flexi hose joins the calliper,but no leak or drips etc

    i decided to take off both rear callipers and free them using a piston rewind tool,they were stiff and not rewinding in

    so i removed one calliper at a time,with brake lines still attatched,then removed the bleed nipple entirely,to ease the pressure off the brake pistons,i successfully rewound both pistons back,refitted the callipers

    i bled the system,but that damp patch between where the flexi hose meets the calliper,is now leaking fluid

    is there a way to work out,if it's the calliper or the flexi hose that's causing the leak ?

    is it the threads on the calliper,where the flexi hose bolts into that's leaking ?

    is it the bolt itself with the holes in it,that attatches the flexi hose to calliper and allows the fluid through thats leaking ?

    is there a washer between the flexi hose and the calliper that could be leaking ?

    the leak is pouring from between the calliper surface and the end of the flexi hose,that attatches hose to calliper,and im unsure how to test which part is causing the leak ?

    do i replace the hose first,then if it still leaks,then it's the calliper ?

    do i replace the calliper,then if it still leaks,then it's the flexi hose ?

    is there anything i can do to find out which part is at fault,to avoid replacing hoses and callipers,or will i just have to bite the bullet and get a new hose first,then a calliper if it's not the hose ?

    sorry for the length of my post,thanks in advance for any help you folks can provide :)
    the wee man, Oct 26, 2019
  2. the wee man


    Dec 1, 2019
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    It seems like it's the calliper leaking.

    I bought 2 brand new callipers for my 57 plate Vectra 1.9 for RTG automotive in Chorley for £50 , £25 each
    Rightboy91, Dec 2, 2019
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