Astra mk4 club 1.6 16v glove box

Discussion in 'Astra' started by Matthew Moore, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Hi,

    Ive accidently busted one of the arms on the glove box when it drops down.
    Is it going to be expensive to replace? Do they have to replace the whole
    glove box? I could take it out and glue it back on I guess but I noticed the
    airbag is right above it, If I took the glove box out it doesnt affect that
    in anyway does it?


    Matthew Moore, Sep 26, 2003
  2. Matthew Moore

    mike Guest

    no, but be careful
    it can be done by removing the side screws at the back under the upright
    carpet bit
    there r other screws but u should be able to see where else it is fixed,
    once the back pair r undone

    mike, Sep 27, 2003
  3. Matthew Moore

    Alan Guest

    Alan, Sep 28, 2003
  4. Hi,

    Thanks for the reply. Is it a case of just pulling the arm out and gluing a
    new one in? I see the black pins holding the front on at the bottom but cant
    see a way of removing the vynal front from the plastic inside. Also is it
    something the vauxhall dealer would get hold of or would they want me to
    replace the whole glove box ? :)

    Many thanks

    Matthew Moore, Sep 29, 2003
  5. Matthew Moore

    Alan Guest

    I cannot remember how you remove the lid from the car but I think the pin on
    one side slides back like a door bolt.

    Once out the retaining strap unplugs from the lid. You do not have to
    dismantle the lid. It looks like a rectangular moulding mark around where
    the strap joins the lid but it does come out!

    All you do then is plug the replacement strap into the hole.



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    Alan, Sep 29, 2003
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