Astra G Automatic 2003

Discussion in 'Astra' started by Vin, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Vin

    Vin Guest

    Recently got this car and have a query.

    On switching on the ignition the 'Sports Mode' telltale for the auto box
    illuminates and goes out a couple of seconds after engine start.

    The manual covers all the other telltales (e.g. engine management, seatbelt
    tensioners) that should come on with the ignition but go out soon after
    engine start. This one though it makes no mention of except that it should
    come on when 'Sports Mode' is actually selected on the gearbox.

    Anyone know if the above behaviour is normal (i.e. a self test) or is it
    trying to tell me something else?

    Vin, Jun 16, 2004
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  2. ..

    Same happens on my 2000 Astra Auto Estate 1.6... and you'll probably not find
    other auto specific info in the manual.
    Malcolm Stewart, Jun 16, 2004
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  3. Vin

    Peter Guest

    This is likley just a self check of the auto box control systems, just like
    the ABS warning light comes on for a few seconds when it's checking the

    Peter, Jun 16, 2004
  4. Vin

    Vin Guest

    Thanks for the response. According to the user manual the auto self check
    is supposed to be indicated by the same telltale that indicates the check of
    the engine management self check. That's why I wondered what the 'Sports
    Mode' telltale was up to. I didn't notice it illuminating when I first got
    the car so I thought it might have just started doing it. From the replys
    so far it appears it is normal though so I'll try not to worry about it.

    Vin, Jun 16, 2004
  5. Vin

    Alan Guest

    Definitely OK. It is meant to do this.



    New & used Vauxhall cars & vans, servicing, repairs & parts
    Alan, Jun 16, 2004
  6. Vin

    Gio Guest

    Yes, on our Zafira auto that is a confirmation test as with all the
    warning lights. Sports mode is activated by the push button on the
    change lever and on our car cancels it if the ignition is turned off
    or the change lever is moved.

    Gio, Jun 16, 2004
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