2010 Astra J 2.0cdti starts but won't run

Discussion in 'Astra' started by Spadders, Jan 22, 2023.

  1. Spadders


    Jan 22, 2023
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    Hi all,

    New to the forum, I really hope somebody can help.

    My daughter has a 2010 Astra 2.0 cdti, had it about 18 months, it's previously had a few dpf issues, but was running fine until the snow the other day, turns over and will start for a second and die, or slightly fire and die. It will start with easy start but dies as soon as spray is stopped.
    I have checked all fuses which are fine and it had a new fuel filter about 3 months ago.
    I have borrowed an Autel code reader and it's not showing any codes at all.
    I did a live data and with ignition on fuel rail pressure fluctuates between 140 and 360kPa, when the engine is cranked it shoots right up, but because it won't run I couldn't get a reading.
    I have it booked in at my usual garage, but they can't even take a look for at least 2 weeks and she needs to get to work.
    Is there anything I can check myself at home to try and eliminate things.
    Thanks in advance
    Spadders, Jan 22, 2023
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