04 Vectra Fog Light Query

Discussion in 'Vectra' started by Olliebears1, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. Olliebears1

    Olliebears1 Guest

    I have thought about self fitting fog lights to my Vectra but I am warned
    there may be wiring issues, as in nowhere to connect into the loom.

    Any advice or opinions please

    Olliebears1, Mar 9, 2005
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  2. Olliebears1

    Olliebears1 Guest

    Just to add
    It may be useful to know? it is a vectra estate 2.2 TDi LS
    Olliebears1, Mar 9, 2005
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  3. Olliebears1

    Guest Guest

    My CDx 2.2DTi has fog lights as standard. Quite frankly, they are
    ornaments and not really worth having.
    Guest, Mar 10, 2005
  4. Olliebears1

    UnoWhoo Guest

    I.m not up with the modern car electrics, but not many years ago you could
    have run from a relay - main supply direct from the battery and a switch
    wire from a switch on the dash - or more sophisticated if you want?
    Maybe someone else in the group will comment and if not possible, perhaps
    explain why?
    U W
    UnoWhoo, Mar 10, 2005
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